About The Manufacturer

Founded in 2013, Haze Technologies has combined innovation and advanced technology as the
means to produce aromatherapy products that are durable, safe and effective.
Extensive research and engineering goes into each Haze product, ensuring both quality and usability. The original and inventive product development behind Haze Technologies comes exclusively from experts in vaporizing mechanics and processes. As a result, Haze Technologies is becoming one of the fastest growing manufacturers in aromatherapeutic technology.

Company Mission

Aromatherapeutic technology reaches new heights with the Haze Vaporizer through its versatility and multifunctionality.
Aromatherapy as a practice, uses natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to maintain and support psychological and physical well-being.
In support of this sole purpose, the Haze serves as a superior device in aromatherapy that can customize a user’s experience by vaporizing a combination of natural oils and herbs interchangeably for optimal health benefits. The inhalation of these essential aromas through the process vaporization both soothes and enhance various functions of the body, especially for the brain, mood, and physical state.


• The dual chambers built into the Haze makes it possible to endure the benefits of multiple natural, extracts simultaneously for various healing properties.

• While natural extracts come in various forms that benefit the body including herbs, oils, and wax, the Haze is compatible with all three, allowing users to customize their aromatherapeutic sessions to fit their health needs.

• The portability of the Haze provides both convenience and reliability to fit all lifestyles.

• From first-time beginners to experts with years of experience in aromatherapy, the Haze comes with both an easy-to-use guide and step-by-step walk through tutorial, so all users can enjoy the health benefits that Haze has to offer.

• The Haze is covered by a 10 year warranty, allowing users to endure years of comfort and confidence in using Haze for their aromatherapy.