How To Assemble The Haze Kit

Each Haze Vape Kit comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 wall charger and power bank, 1 cleaning tool, 1 material tool, 4 stainless steel screens (2 conduction and 2 convection), 2 all purpose cans, 1 glass and 1 stainless steel mouthpiece and user guide.

haze kit

1. All-Purpose Can 2. Stainless Steel Mouthpiece 3. Temperature Selector Button 4. Power On/Off And Bowl Selector Switch 5. Cleaning Tool 6. Material Tool 7. Glass Mouthpiece 8. LED Temperature Display 9. Low Battery Indicator 10. Dried Herb Screens 11. Dual Bowls 12. Medical Grade Silicone Seal 13. Battery Hatch

Haze Assembly Instructions

Step 1
step 1 slide-battery-cover

Opening The Battery Cover
Slide open the battery cover hatch on the base of the vaporizer


Step 2
insert battery

Insert Batteries
Insert Haze rechargeable battery with positive end facing upwards

Step 3
open cover


Opening Up Your Haze

Open door / cover

Step 4
Make sure you do not overfill the bowls with materials.

For dry herbs, make sure you grind your product into a fine powder and place loosely directly in the can or onto a screen
For oils and liquids, the wick should be damp but not soaked to the point where the liquid overflows. If you do overfill with a liquid product, you may have leakage so be very careful.

Step 5
haze shovel tool
How To Use The Bowls
The included all purpose can is an optional attachment and can be used in either bowl
All purpose cans may be pre-packed to switch out flavors or materials with ease at anytime / anywhere on the fly
Both bowls can be used for dry herb
Each bowl is heated separately and is completely isolated. No heat is transfered to the other bowl until t you purposely turn the 2nd bowl on

Step 6

Conduction vs Convection Screens

With the conduction screen, dry herbs will be in direct contact with the heating chamber. This allows for a thicker vapor cloud with 70% increased conduction. This would be closer to “lighting” or “igniting” your product.

With the convection screen, dry herb has no direct contact with the heating chamber and allows for a slower, increased convection type of vapor. This is the cleanest and healthiest way to vape.

haze vaporize conduction vs convection screens

Step 7

Using Dry Herbs

Using Dry Herbs

Choose our desired screen type or you can remove the black silicone lid and wick from the all purpose can for direct loading.

Regardless of if you use a screen or direct load into the can, make sure you finely ground up your herbs to get the smoothest draw, ensure optimal airflow and get the largest vapor cloud.

Step 8

Using Oils & Liquids WIth The Haze
Using Oils & Liquids
First, remove the silicone lid and fill all purpose can with product until the wick is damp.
Next, replace the lid on top of the all purpose can.
Position the can into the bowl with the handle on the left side of the can.

Step 9
Using Wax & Concentrates

Remove the silicone lid and cotton wick from all purpose can.
Use the material tool or a similar wax tool and place the wax into the center of the stainless steel can.
Without using the cotton wick, return the lid to the can.
Position all purpose can into the bowl chamber with the metal handle facing left.

Step 10
close door back

Closing Door Back Into Place


Close door until you hear it snap into place.

Step 11
turning on and selecting your bowl
Turning Heating Element On

Turn switch and choose your bowl to activate by using the matching icons.

Step 12
How To Use The Mouthpiece
How To Use The Mouthpiece
Flip upside down to release the mouthpiece (you can also give it a soft flick of the wrist to eject the mouthpiece).
Make sure you pull the mouthpiece out until you feel some resistance and the base widens.

To change out the mouthpiece, pull the current mouthpiece past the resistance and it should come right out.

Insert the other mouthpiece gently into the base until it widens.

Step 13
Selecting Temperature Levels
Selecting Temperature Levels
Press button to select the desired temperature level.

Level 1: 365 degrees
Level 2: 380 degrees
Level 3: 390 degress
Level 4: 415 degrees

Please not that if the LED light is blinking, your Haze is pre-heating to the reach your desired temperature leve. Wait until the light is solid before using.

Step 14
ready for use
Ready For Take Off


When the light turns solid, your Haze has reached its desired temperature level.


Congratulations, you are now ready to experience the worlds finest vaporizer.