I own pax, firefly and haze.

Up until I got haze I was thinking that the pax and firefly were the top portable vapes on the market. I enjoyed my pax so much but I started feeling like its an old technology after experiencing Haze.

So here is how I see i the Haze Vaporizer vs Pax vape

1) They are both portable. Pax and Haze are much lighter than firefly.

2) Haze has the replaceable battery. When battery is dead and not hold charge anymore you don’t have to toss the vaporizer in trash, you just change the battery

3) Same pricing all. Haze is the only one with dual bowl.

4) They are all discreet, Pax is more discreet than others. Haze is the smallest in size.

5) More accessories with haze

6) Vapor quality density is good in all but the Haze does not tend to burn your product like the other 2 can.

So as someone who paid the same price for all, I would strongly suggest you to go with Haze.

One oven on Haze holds pretty much the same capacity as Pax. I usually pack around 0.3g on each bowl. I have 3 strains which makes Haze much more enjoyable. Pack each bowl with a different strain and flip the switch to change the mood.