How To Use The Haze Vaporizer v2.5

Instructions & Video Courtesy of FC Forum Member Trevorzamani

I have never tried small load approach before but here it is, one bowl with approx 50mg and other with approx 70mg, one bowl with conduction screen and the other one is convection.

I found that the 3rd and 4th level works the best in terms of the balance between taste and clouds.

Conduction Vs Convection

As you can see in the video, even with the small load size, it creates some significant clouds via conduction screen.

With the convection screen, vapor is more gentle but the taste is amazing.

Increased Product Mileage

Each mini load allowed for about 7-9 hits and I enjoy short rapid draws with small load like this.

Product Infusion

In order to get the most out of the patented dual bowl chambers in the Haze, you can use the Haze with concentrate + dry herb in the same can for a long time and it gives the best taste.

The cool thing is: What you can do with this vape feels like limitless.

My buddy (who told me about Haze to start with) uses 4 strains in the same session. He places convection screens into chambers and places two strains 1/3 full chamber. On top he places flat screens that he cut from the conduction screens of Haze, on top of those screens, he places another 2 strains. He swears by the mad effect he is getting from 4 strains mixed together. I have never tried this but it sounds like a solid strategy.

With the sheer volume of innovative ways you can use the Haze with different attachments and different ways really sets it apart for other portable vaporizers. The fact that Haze allows this type of variety of usage, makes it a super unique product IMO.

Based on their track record thus far it seems Haze Technologies brand will never be satisfied. I see them continuing to come out with revisions based on user feedback and advances in technology. This is why the upgrade program is such a great deal. For $100 you can get the latest and greatest whenever they make improvements. That and the fact that your old Haze unit goes to such a good cause makes this program so interesting.

I love this company!